We are in talks with a private investor to take our services to the next level!

We expect this to conclude at any time during 2017 when my investor and I finalize the terms.

At that point, this product will no longer be available as we will be re-implementing some of our original products and resuming payments on the original CMC products [our original supporters].


This is a legitimate service. Did you check our stats from ROUND I yet?


For $20 we will send you $0.05 worth of Bitcoin each day for 800 days.

Custom orders please contact us.


How does it work?

Welcome to Bitcoin Doubler!

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We are proud to offer the only legitimate Bitcoin 2x system we know of, and gladly share our methods in the free guide included on this site below.

Method overview

We found that by promoting and advertising affiliate sites, we can really farm some Bitcoin!

We used to be "" but since we do not mine Bitcoin directly (and we never claimed to!) AND since there are just too many scams out there who were essentially stealing our club investments, we re-branded and re-thought how to do this a better way.

All of the previous CMC members had their CMC contributions moved to the Kismet Faucet Distribtution Services (FDS). Nobody was left behind. We have consistently paid our members since September 2016. The only downtimes we had were due to 3rd party failures (ie, FaucetBox, etc).

Finally, we invest in our members and other sites, and even launched a game at

All of this, combined with our automated Bitcoin sales system (we do not own it, we participate there)... we are able to offer these returns.
For every $20.00 you contribute, we will be able to send you USD $0.05 worth of Bitcoin each day for 800 days. Each day will be a varying amount of Satoshi depending on the spot price at Midnight (server time).

$0.05 * 800 = $40.00 sent back to you in Bitcoin, in total over two years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BDL?

BDL is a legitmate Bitcoin Doubling system that takes 800 days, regardless of the Bitcoin price fluxuations..

Is there risk?

As with most things, yes. For example, we had several of our investments fail in the past (HashOcean, BitMinister, HashPoke).

In December 2016, we spent around $1,000 on Google Adwords for our account and got over 1,500 referrals and over $2,000 in Bitcoin back in commissions. In addition, we still earn $30-$100 per day in Bitcoin from that single investment. We were invited to the official Slack support channel by one of the Xcoins admins and are active there as well.

We also launched a game at and have over 40 other websites we own and operate.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

About BDL

Now we want to go BIG and take you with us!

Take the first step now.

For each $20.00 of Bitcoin you contribute, you get $40.00 back over a 2 year period!

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